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Loss is just a 4 lettered word; It does not define you!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

LOSS is just a 4 lettered word;

That either BREAKS you or MAKES you;

But seldom DEFINES you.

When you put in all your efforts;

But all go in vain;

Then, Get ready;

For greater things await you!!

A sandpaper never made any surface smooth in one attempt;

It fades away to shine something else;

That is its whole purpose.

An ant lifts weight 1000 times itself;

If not, its children would die of hunger;

It never says "I can't do it."

No matter the countless obstructions;

It either goes above or around the problem;

But never stops!!

A bird flies thousands of times to collect straws;

To make a home to lay an egg;

If not then where would his/her young one hatch their way to their first breath?

In the mouths of the predators?

Snakes shed their skin timely, if not then its ability to survive would diminish greatly.

Embrace the change, it will make you stronger.

Don't get too comfortable, IT Will destroy you.

If you are loosing continuously, then maybe sit and introspect the weak areas.

Perform a true SWOT Analysis(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats);

Work on executing it UNTILL you get the desired results.

Some sharks have to move since the time they are born till they know why?

Because if not, then they would not be able to breathe!!

what about resting you ask?

They figure out a way to rest in between ocean currents as the currents move them across the aquatic universe.

Work SMARTER not just HARDER!!

Working smart and hard;

Its a deadly combination.

Taste victory for once;

Accomplish small goals everyday;

Make a habit of winning every day;

Trust me its the BEST addiction.

Looses are required;

It gives a great sense of what and where you lack;

So look back upon every detail of what went wrong;

Work on those!!

An infant first crawls, then gathers its strength to stand;

Before walking and only then can it eventually RUN.

We all want to run from the get go;

Accept the reality and understand where you stand.

Crawling | Standing | Walking;

Decide where you truly are;

And work on getting to the next level.

LUCK is also just a 4 letter word.

It also either Breaks you or Makes you.

U may be the hardest worker in the room,

But still loose at accomplishing your goals.

But sweat not, for Hard work always pays off in the end.

If you have had bad years continuously;

Try and work again on things you love;

Someday and with a lot of practice;

YOU WILL WIN BIG TIME and that will set things in right motion!

My point is, even at your have the ability to matter if fate is not giving you what you is only testing if it needs to give something greater or more in life....and for that, always update yourself and not be overconfident.

Mind exercise :

Think of the things you have accomplished in life...reached some personal goals...felt victorious.

Hang on to that feeling;

Time to feel that feeling again;

Time to feel victorious again;

And STAY Victorious!!…just hang on to that feeling.

You never know, LUCK will eventually get impressed from your Hard work and turn all your LOSSES(6 letters) into PROFITS(6 letters).

One small step in the right direction everyday, will change your life to be what you desire....Good Luck!!

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