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One day,

One day you will realize that :-

You mum's life is not hers alone to live as you are her life now.

Your father turned into a man from a boy when he held his cub for the first time.

Your sibling is the only true friend you have who will truly stand with you no matter what.

One day you will realize that:-

Those school teachers were not your enemy as you were one of their finest project whom they were polishing.

College was metaphorically the highest peak of no responsibility that you are ever going to get and that it is all downhill from there.

One day you will understand that:-

A woman may stand against all odds in her life but her husband's hug is where she melts and becomes a child.

A man may be riddled with tensions, struggling to keep it together but watching his wife and kids smile and have fun gives him the courage to become a ferocious protector for their happiness.