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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Aniket is a student of journalism from a middle class family living in New Delhi who dreams of becoming a host of a prime time show in a leading English News Channel. “Brash, unapologetic and in the moment”, he describes himself and so he had a big problem on his hand of being short tempered. His constant need to be in the center of attention of everything and anything is not going to bode well for his career.

One of the best thing about Aniket is that he is sort of a go – getter and takes things into his own hands. He has created a YouTube Channel by the name of “Diamonds of Delhi” wherein he can showcase his journalistic prowess to potential employers and make a brand for himself.

September 20, 2019

(Aniket is recording a video in selfie mode outside Khan Market Metro Station.)

“Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Aniket Bhonsle and I welcome you all to my brand new YouTube Channel “Diamonds of Delhi”.

This channel is about finding fascinating people and trying to have a conversation about their life.

As the name suggests, we will try to find the true diamonds of Delhi who make up for the soul of this city.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Delhi is very near to my heart as I was born and brought up in this city and so I want to contribute to its honor by sharing some interesting stories of locals and tourists to share their experience of this city; so kindly bear with me and support me in this journey that we shall undertake together.”

(As Aniket was recording the video, he gazed upon a handsome and well-dressed man white man . Aniket’s curiosity had no bounds as he was sure he is not from this country but a foreign land and so he wanted to showcase his story to the people. He was wearing a face mask and was emerging from the Khan Market Metro Station. He has a strong gait with a straight back.

“Excuse me sir?” Aniket walks towards the guy he just spotted and knew that he would be perfect to be featured in his first video.

“Hi, I am Aniket Bhonsle and this is my YouTube channel Diamonds of Delhi; would you be kind enough of to give us 10 minutes of your time...” (Aniket extends his hand towards the gentleman for a handshake.)

The guy stops on the last step emerging from the underground Metro Station and almost feels taken by surprise. He looks over to Aniket from top to bottom but doesn’t shake his hand. Aniket is a bit taken aback and finds it a bit rude, but continues to start a conversation.

“Hi.” quips the stranger in an uninterested tone and demeanor. Almost as if he does not want that attention.

“Would love to ask some general questions to you if it is fine with you?” Aniket asks gently.

The stranger looks at his watch and hazily says:-

“Sure, go ahead.”

“What’s your name and where are you from?”

“I am John from Oxford (United Kingdom).”

“That’s great…so what are you doing here in Delhi?”

“Well nothing, just a business cum leisure trip.”

“Nice, and how is Delhi treating you?”

“Yeah, it’s nice…people are a bit loud(looking all over the place but not in the camera) and almost every public place is a bit overcrowded but the food is amazing(nodding in to the camera).”

“Well, it is not just the Capital but the food Capital of India as well.

You should check out Chandni Chowk too…it’d be overcrowded but after a while, one starts to feel comfortable. (John gives him a confused look as if Aniket didn’t really get what he meant.)

“Tell us John…where are you off to right now?”

“Oh, just meeting a fellow colleague in Indian Institute of technology.”

“I.I.T, Well ladies and gentleman, someone’s snooty(tries to be funny)….So John…Tell us something about yourself.”

“Oh, I teach biochemistry at The Oxford University.” (Aniket interrupts him while speaking)

“Bio chemistry? Nerd Alert people (John isn’t very pleased to hear this)…so tell us John, what’s so interesting about Bio Chemistry? What drew you to that field?”

“Bio Chemistry is the future! It has always fascinated me. How things are so different but the moment you combine them, they form a chemical reaction either for the best or the worst. I guess, having that control drew me to Bio – Chemistry.

I know, people perceive it as very boring but they don’t know…..(stops)”

“what” ( Aniket asks curiously)

“ I don’t know if I should say this but we are living in that time where common people are unaware of what techniques and technology has been developed.”

“And, what exactly is that?”

“No, no (chuckles)…you won’t be hearing more on this from me anymore…it was just a baseless opinion, don’t pay any heed to this. Do you have any other question?”

“John…why so secretive…I am sure our audience would like to know more on this from you.

Come on; give the people what they want. (Pressurizes him to reconsider)”

“Well, I am just going to say that people are too busy in their own world and do not know the half of what’s going on, especially bio-chemistry goes unnoticed all the time.”

Aniket is confused and tries to be more persuasive.

“Care to explain how?” (Aniket sneezes and apologizes.)

John is taken aback and freezes for a second.

“You know you really should be taking good care of your oral hygiene; try wearing a face mask.” ( Stern Tone)

Aniket feels embarrassed but tries to retain his composure.

“Dude, I said I am sorry…why would you make such a big deal about this. It’s not like I sneezed on to you….what’s up with you.”

“It is just for your safety and for others…anyways pardon me; I need to be at some place in a few moments.”

As he was about to leave, he stumbles from the last step and a vial of transparent liquid drops from his left trouser pocket.

Aniket and John watch the vial on the ground, so John immediately picks it up and starts to leave the conversation.

“Hey John. What is that?”

“Nothing…Its just some medication (speaking while moving away)

I really should get going, it was nice talking to you….(shouts) you really should wear a mask…common cold is not so common anymore… You of all people should be more careful, take care.”

Aniket stops following him and speaks to the camera,

“So this was John from Oxford…clearly does not belong to Diamonds Of Delhi, you would see him being featured in our “Morons in Delhi” playlist.

Aniket stops the recording, shaking his head in anger.

Late December 2020

Aniket is back from his journalism workshop from China and unknowingly brought along the virus apart from all the gifts for friends and family. After arriving in India, he falls unconscious in the Scanning area. Little did he know that he is patient zero for India.

Aniket is watching television from a secluded ward of the government containment hospital and people around him are wearing personal protective equipment; everyone is sanitising their hands after conducting tests on him. Aniket is dreading his Chinese business trip that he took in early December last year, all the while thinking that he really should have made better judgement on being too adventurous as he consumed a questionable black meat of some sort along with his Chinese counterparts.

(Coughs) “I have difficulty in breathing.”

“Would you help, please?”

His SpO2 levels are decreasing drastically, from 95 to now 90 in a matter of few minutes.

Suddenly a team of doctors arrive in the secluded chamber wearing hazmat suits.

“Hello Aniket” quips a familiar voice.

Aniket is trying to gather his thoughts about where had he heard that same thick English accent before and is suddenly reminded of “John…is that you?”


“What are you doing here? What is going on? “

“Meet my colleague Mr. Sachin from the Indian Institute of Technology and the head of this team. “

Aniket notices that they are taking out a vial of a transparent liquid from a pressure contained box.

“Hey, I saw this…John, you had this with you that time; would you tell me what is going on? You guys are freaking me out.”

“Relax; we are going to treat you. This is the Anti – Virus that will eradicate that virus from your body by making anti bodies. This is the potion that has prevented the whole world from what would have been a dreadful pandemic; and you wouldn’t last a chance if not for this. Don’t worry now though, In just a matter of days, your body would be making anti-bodies and you will be totally fine.”

“You see, India and the U.K are allies in the fight against this “Pandemic” and we weren’t supposed to meet then, I guess the Time Travel Operator must have screwed up the timeline and therefore we met due to a glitch in the system. India’s brilliant minds and our latest technology is a match made in heaven.”

Aniket is shell shocked to hear all this; he cannot digest everything that is being laid down on him. Suddenly, he feels a bit dizzy and sees a flash of white light in the room knocking him unconscious.

January 01, 2021

The whole world is waking from the week long slumber and trying to pursue their year goals.

The same thing happened with every patient Zero in every country and all were being secretly taken care by the top government team.

In the next 3 months, the world is back to its normal place and there are no cases of the virus anywhere. Aniket has no recollection of the last days of December and blames it on his party hangover.

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