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Silence is a way of communication.

It is largely a means of expressing emotions.

It could be anger, or if one feels hurt or betrayed, or a way to preserve one’s mental peace.

People around us often perceive it as a sign of weakness and are quick to dismiss them.

The fact is, in today’s world only a person who is vocal about their opinion gets to be heard.

Being heard is awesome but the problem occurs when everyone wants to be heard and not listen.

Listening is hard, listening needs practice. Listening is understanding the whole point of others, so listening is reasoning.

Not everyone can listen as we are too occupied in delivering our message across and less focused on receiving and understanding others. Silence is not giving in to the narrative.

A person who is silent either has given up on expressing their inner thoughts or genuinely does not care about contributing or acknowledging the vocalist’s opinion.

Either case, the other person is screwed up as they never get to hear the end of it.

When a person is too loud and the other one gives the silent treatment then guess who won?

When a person is lying through their teeth and the other person is silent then they are lucky to be issued another chance.

When a person is not expressing their opinion then it is because they know that it might be of no use in that particular setting and is trying to create the best of the situation by knowing when to be silent.

Confrontation is the opposite of silence. Confrontation is an art if done right but like listening, it too has a difficult outcome.

Not many can confront, not many can listen and not many can be silent.

Confrontation and listening comes with a lot of practice whereas silence is something we acquire in our journey to being more wise and mature.

But silence must be practiced with utmost care and attention and only when it is required otherwise it may lose its essence.

It is not something that needs to be given every time rather on special occasions to make a point.

So is the case with confrontation whereas Listening is a rigorous process which if mastered can handover other’s arms and ammunition in your stride.

The real power is always in your hand, it is we who do not truly understand and underestimate the other person by being naïve.

Silence is strength in oneself. Silence is a storm within.

Silence is wisdom which comes after many real experiences.

Silence is one the most effective forms of communication if done right.

Silence is apposite. Silence is benevolence.

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