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The Role Model

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

This LIFE is a PROJECT and we are the INTERNS who exist in different time zones, geographic areas whilst living on a rock. During the lifetime of this project, we are tasked with different problems arriving at a different timeline. Granted, every obstacle we face initially, challenges us on different levels, and so we constantly yearn for improvement and update in our skill set. One thing that many of us do is look for A ROLE MODEL.

A Role Model is someone who we look up to; they have gone through the problems that we currently face. They are the problem solvers with high precision and creative mindset. They thrive on changes and overcome difficult situations with ease. They are an example to us to live this project successfully because they have done so and not quit.

The need for a Role Model arises out of choice and not compulsion. A choice that do we need a helping hand; A choice about guiding us to the path of successful implementation to overcome a difficult situation.

It's like a user manual and if we follow their steps, we get through the problem solving while achieving the result easily.