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Unpopular Topic : Common Man & Budget woes

No, I am not going to bore or lecture you all about India’s latest Financial Budget by talking about it’s itty bitty but more on the very nature of a Financial Budget and will try to explain in the language we all understand without talking about the technical aspects.

You see, I am no economist but well read when it comes to finance.

My problem is with the presentation of the budget. I feel that when presenting a budget one must give a detailed view of the percentage being allocated to the suggested field/sector and compare it with last year’s budget for all the topics being covered and not just for those which are being increased in the current year. This will help to make a rational decision in the minds of the common public about whether it was a good budget or not and not be on the mercy of “certain experts” on the television which may take a pro or against approach according to the political party they belong to or are loyal to.