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What is better, always in agreement or occasional disagreement?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

A difference in opinion can either open the gateways to the locked sections of one’s brain or really make one’s relation extremely fragile.

On the one hand, friendships last longer when same minded people with the same liking happen to bond in agreement over something. It certainly pays off well in one’s personal relationships as people tend to have lesser fights rather than indulge in trivial issues.

Furthermore, having people in agreement in a professional group has its own merits as they tend to be very efficient as they have a clear path at hand and everyone agrees on what their task is. Therefore, it generally bodes well for an individual when it comes to personal or professional fields.

However, it has its own demerits as nothing new is accomplished with a group of people with no disagreement and everything remains mundane.

On the other hand, having disagreements might actually change one’s life. To elaborate, if an individual has an open and keen mind, they would definitely give value to other’s opinion while introspecting the matter at hand. This may lead to a new approach which may initially create a win-lose situation among the members but eventually it would be smooth sailing and benefit all in the long run.

Nonetheless, most of the times, it is a matter of concern as many people don’t take it nicely which therefore would create disunity among the members involved.

In my humble opinion, a disagreement between people is necessary for them to not just move forward but also evolve as the time progresses. A disagreement could be a blessing in disguise but that should not be the case very frequently. Personally speaking, I prefer If it happens once in a blue moon as it becomes special and all the parties may be all ears to what the other has to say.

Therefore, a heavily influenced touch of agreement with once a while twist of disagreement could really put things in perspective and elevate the relationship be it professional or personal.

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