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When commuting to a place of work, why is cycling not a preferred choice?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

"Convenience is a default setting of the modern times" and this blog post will discuss the notion that why there are falling number of bicyclists commuting to work in several countries despite it being beneficial physically and environmentally.

To begin with, not only is it eco-friendly as it does not require any fuel to run, it also is a complete workout when done right; not just for the body but also the mind as it has been proven as a focus exercise according to recent studies. Furthermore, the advancement in technology also furthers the cause of it being an enjoyable machine for the masses. With the innovation of e-bikes, anyone can enjoy this activity irrespective of their height, age, fitness level and so on.

However, it is seldom the first choice for commuters while reaching their place of work because the general public prefers easy means of transport as they find them more convenient and comfortable. Additionally, people do not even get time to eat right let alone exercise. Moreover, in today's fast paced world; looking presentable matters a lot and therefore arriving in the office drenched in sweat is the last thought on everyone's mind as several countries have extreme temperature with huge amounts of humidity, thus tiring the cyclist faster.

Nevertheless, the governments of the world should build different lanes on the roads; restricting the movement of heavy vehicles for the safety of cyclists. Lastly, an incentive programme should be started by companies; compensating their employees in an effort to go green with the help of aid provided by the government.

To conclude, I along with many commuters rely on alternative form of transport that drops us to our destination without much effort of the muscles; when presented onto us as everyone is attracted to an easy option. Interestingly, this is not the end of bicycles as people are becoming more health conscious and look forward to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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