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Why is no one talking about India's number one problem ? - Over Population!!

Well for starters; India is a big country, considering both land and obviously population.

Since it's Independence, many considerable changes have taken place in almost all the sectors and fields, like it should have. Numerous laws and amendments have been put in place to put India forward comprehensively from all the crisis across every possible breach in a unified fashion and therefore an appreciation to all the bureaucrats and administrators (past and present) must be given.

Since, we are being unequivocally candid about our opinions then it is only fair to talk about what I feel is India's number one lingering problem today i.e. the menace of Over Population which hardly is up for discussion in our parliament.

When so many discussions have taken place for other problems and even future discrepancies, then why are we so slow and bored on the topic of overpopulation. Think about it, we are concerned about global warming, pollution, unemployment or the recent recall of the Farmer's bill, it is really very convenient of us to talk about problems which are in front of our gate for the moment and forget about the blunder that awaits us after maybe two decades from which there would be almost no coming back in at least 50-100 years..

Perhaps Thanos (Mega villain from Avengers Series) was right all along but surely he went overboard with his ideas to do good for humanity as his specie forgot about the imminent dangers of over population and had little to no time left to swing into action and resolve the crisis.

Consider this scenario, it is year 2040,

Our current millennial generation is reaching 50 - 60 years and Gen Z would be fully adult and mature by then; and let us assume how things would go. so hang on with me:-

  • Even though we may be progressing digitally and Artificial Intelligence would be so common that If you think that the competition today is cut-throat then wait what will happen at that time as there will be multi- lakh people opting for just 1 job.

  • Even though India has been self dependent to procure food and vegetables but there will come a time due to its limit when we will be no longer self reliant and would have to succumb to import's from different countries, therefore raising the cost of goods.

  • Affordable housing is also one of the most important by product of over population as land would be scarce but demand would keep on increasing with respect to limited supply, hereby not making it affordable to own a new house for our Gen-z's or the generation after them

  • There would be cars everywhere but no place to park and excess pollution.

  • Talking about park, parks would become a luxury and not just a basic need that we take for granted today.

So to summarize, unemployment, pollution, food scarcity, inflation would still be the issue as we are not looking over the real issue hidden in disguise of these by products i.e. over population. The only good thing that I can think of being over populated is increase in soft power of a country and in India's case it is our Culture and Bollywood.

Therefore, I vehemently urge all the people of India to raise this issue and talk about it more and more until we hear our parliamentarians discussing this in the holy sanctum. Unlike Thanos, we have some time left before we fall into the abyss, so lets grab this problem at hand before it becomes indestructible.

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