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Will the Momentous growth of Online Shopping lead to closing of Shops?

Shopping is like a drug for the modern generation and in particular, Online Shopping has had a momentous growth over shopping physically. Let us explore the pro's and con's of both forms of shopping.

On the one hand, Online shopping is really easy and accessible to all. Any individual can enter a virtual marketplace which in turn is especially helpful to socially shy and disabled people who find it a bit more challenging to shop physically. Moreover, it provides a plethora of products with different options at just a click of a button wherein sellers from all over the world are at your perusal that too at way discounted price. The impressive sales makes for a whitewash of storage houses having all kinds of products. Also, one can easily return the products if it is not up to their liking which really stresses on the quote that, "Customer is King".

However, Online Shopping is filled with fake products sold by shady enterprises and sellers with fake reviews. Not to Forget, the huge "Return Culture" that it has started where customers use different and expensive for showboating and return it the next day as per their convenience. This is a pain to the sellers across the platform as it hampers the growth of honest business houses no matter how big or small they maybe. Also, the internet is hard for people who are technologically challenged, thus, ruling them out of the pool of potential customers.

On the other hand, Physically shopping in malls or shops in cities and towns provides a more personal touch to the consumer as shop owners really go out of their way to make the customer feel important and special. Therefore, it is more of a personal experience rather than a mere business transaction. One bonus point being that shopping physically at a store practically guarantees that the product would be 100% genuine and authentic. In Addition, going shopping is more like a recreational activity which may eventually act as a bonding experience between a group of people.

Nonetheless, opting for shopping physically may also easily hamper the mood due to the growing traffic , specially during peak hours where one may feel particularly enraged. On top of that, finding a decent parking space is a bit of a hassle. Besides this, going shopping is generally followed by eating out which may put a strain on the pockets of some who are looking to maintain a budget friendly experience.

In my humble opinion, Online Shopping may have an edge over shopping physically as both have their own merits and demerits but both also have a loyal and unwavering audience backing them up. To sum it up, there is no way that the momentous growth of Online shopping will eventually drive out shops to close in the future mostly because a personal touch will never go out of style. Both forms have found their niche and are co-existing harmoniously together and mostly depends on the economics of different business houses whether online or storefront.

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